Who’s that girl?

You may know me as Dana, or as The Broke-Ass Bride.But then I got married and was no longer a bride. And then I got divorced. Which was for the best for all involved.

Then I got married again! My husband Paul is amazing. He’s also Korean-American, and through him I have fallen in love with Korean language and culture. We had a baby, Maeve, who got me interested in RIE parenting. We have one full-time dog (Watson), and one part-time dog (Paco) who we share custody of with my ex husband. I’m Chicagoland-born, but Los Angelesian by choice.

So here I am, blogging about a new phase in my life, but still (as always) trying to continually better myself, and turn my obstacles into opportunity.

The Broke-Ass Bride blog lives on in archival form, inspiring brides worldwide to use their creativity as currency to rock bad-ass weddings without breaking the bank. My first book, The Broke-Ass Bride’s Wedding Guide, was released in December 2013 by Random House/PotterStyle and is available through Amazon or in a bookstore near you.

But my life evolved beyond weddings, so here we are.

Things I like include: my family, dogs, cooking, eating, travel, Korean culture, respectful/mindful parenting, Kpop (especially BTS, Epik High, Mamamoo, and GDragon), nature, dancing, animals, tea, long baths, the beach, double entendres, portmanteaus, stripes and polka dots.

It’s nice to meet you!